Top 3 Proven Methods for Monetizing Your About Page

If you want to be successful in blogging, then getting creative with your monetization strategies is essential. This means that if you have something to offer that will enable you to earn money from your blog, then you have to consider sharing them not just in your posts, but on other pages as well, such as your about page.

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monetizing your about page

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Why Should You Monetize Your About Page?

If you are wondering why you should monetize your About Page, well it’s mainly because it is one of the most valuable areas on your blog.

This is where your audience will go first to learn what you have to offer.

And it will contain information that allows them to get to know you.

There are many ways to use this page to earn income or commissions.

Below are some of the main ones.

How Can You Monetize Your About Page?

Get Personal

When people check out your blog, one of the reasons may be that they want to get to know you. They want to know more about the person behind all the great content on your blog.

Sharing something about yourself and your experiences can help to boost your credibility and create relationships with your audience.

So do not be afraid to get personal on your About Page.

Doing so not only shows your audience who you really are but it can also give you the opportunity to share some of your personal recommendations that might pay off later on in sales.

Share Your Affiliate Products

Not many bloggers know this but you can actually link to other people’s products on your About Page.

Whether you have your own products/services to sell or not, sharing the valuable things other creators or businesses have to offer is a smart monetization strategy.

In fact, affiliate marketing is my favorite way of monetizing my blog.

By highlighting the products you love, it tells your readers a lot about you.

Your readers will gain insight from the types of things that interest you and that you are passionate about sharing. They will surely appreciate you for sharing your valuable recommendations especially if it helps them with their personal life or business.

Link Your Products or Services

If you sell your own products or services then your About Page is also the perfect place where you can link them.

Ebooks, courses, and even physical products can be featured on this page. After all, whatever products you create are part of who you are.

Take note though that if you want to link your products on this page, make sure to choose them carefully.

You only want to highlight one to three of your flagship or favorite products and that would be sufficient.

You wouldn’t want to overwhelm your readers or come across as too pushy, although you most certainly want to share the products you are most proud of.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to blog monetization strategies, never forget your About Page.

Don’t waste this valuable opportunity for more potential sales and exposure by simply sharing the things you love and create.

Plus, your audience will appreciate the information and resources you provide. It’s certainly a win-win!

How about you? Can you think of other ways to make money from your About Page? Share them below!

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  1. Ashley

    This is a great idea that I hadn’t considered before!

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    Great post! I never thought about monetizing the about me page. I can’t wait to edit mine!

  3. Emily

    Thanks for the idea! I hadn’t even thought about doing this.

  4. iAmKrys4Reall

    These are some great tips, that I hope to implement.


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