Email List Segmentation: Ways to Segment Your Audience

Do you want to send more relevant content to your subscribers? List segmentation is the key! In this article, I will share some effective ways how you can segment your audience so that you can get higher open and click-through rates for your emails!

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How To Segment Your List

There are sub-segments within every target market, and the more you can segment your list the better.

List segmentation starts at the signup when people want information about a specific solution or topic. For example, affiliate marketing is a subset of a much broader niche which is marketing.

When niched down or segmented, lists can get more clicks and opens because the content is very specific to the needs of that subset of subscribers.

Here are some ways you can segment your list during or after the sign-up:

Quiz Results

Quizzes and surveys are not only fun for your audience but they can provide a lot of information as well. For example, if you offer different products or services, you can easily direct them to the right offer by using a quiz or a survey.

This will also segment them based on their answer, and ultimately the type of content or the niche subsection.


If you want to do certain things with people from a specific place then you can use geographic segmentation.

For example, by targeting a certain city or state, you can get more responses to local offers or events.

Personal Demographics

Knowing your readers’ demographics can help you with your list segmentation easily. Some demographics to consider are age, income, gender, sex, etc. You can also use education level, company position, and business type for B2B audiences.

Personal Interests

Do you want to provide more relevant solutions to your audience as well as meaningful, related stories and examples? Then knowing your audience’s personal interests will be helpful.

To do this, you can ask your readers to tick a box identifying an interest which will then trigger them to be added to a specific autoresponder based on their selected interest. Make sure that these interests are related to your chosen niche.

Email Engagement and Behavior

Based on what they click to access, your subscribers can basically segment themselves.

For example, there will be subscribers who will not read or take action on any emails you send. In this case, you can remove them from your list and instead focus on the people who engage with your emails occasionally or regularly.

By removing people from your list, you can open up more spots for subscribers who will actively participate or engage with your content.

Purchasing Behavior

When a customer purchases a product of yours, it is important that they are moved to a “customer list” so they don’t keep getting the same promotion to purchase something they already have. This is also to make sure they are moved to the next level of your sales funnel.

Behavior on Your Site

You can segment your audience by identifying their behavior on your blog or website. For example, if you have freebie offers, coupon codes, etc. then whatever your readers choose can move them to the right list. I’m sure a lot of autoresponders have this option.

The Buying Cycle

If you sell products or services on your website then you must be aware that every customer generally goes through a buying cycle.

It usually goes like this:

  • Awareness
  • Assessment of competition
  • Risk alleviation
  • Decision-making
  • Achievement of results (based on the purchase decision)

It helps to know where your customer is in this cycle so that it will be easier to find out what type of content to offer, for example, a down-sell or an upsell of the item.

Spending Behavior

It also helps to segment your list through spending behavior. For example, let’s say you offered a high-priced product or service and some customers bought it.

You can move them to a ‘price-based’ list you made for people who make high-priced purchases.

Final Thoughts on Email List Segmentation

Overall, proper list segmentation is the key if you want to get higher open and click-through rates.

You can segment your list using your autoresponder technology. Some of them will allow you to build one big list and use tags to segment your audience, based on how they sign up, what they buy, and other behaviors. Some, on the other hand, will require you to create a list for each scenario and use different methods to get them on the list.

However you choose to segment your list, try to get the best technology you can afford. Some great choices are ConvertKit, MailerLite, and

So how do you segment your list? Share your strategy below!

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