Welcome Email For New Subscribers: What Should You Send?

Not sure how to write your welcome email for new subscribers? You are in for a treat!

I know how important it is to deliver your first message as it not only sets the tone but also shows how much you appreciate them for subscribing.

And remember that since the majority of your subscribers will open your welcome email or newbie series, it is your greatest chance of strengthening trust in the budding relationship.

That said, how do you begin building a relationship with your readers through your welcome email?

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how to craft the best welcome email for new subscribers

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The Formula for Creating a Welcome Email For New Subscribers

This easy-to-follow formula will help you craft a compelling welcome email for your audience:

Congratulate and Thank Your New Subscribers

When sending your welcome message, it’s always a good idea to thank and congratulate your new subscribers for taking the first step to learning more about your blog or your business.

You can then let them know that you will be there to support them every step of the way and help them achieve success by consistently sharing what you know.

Don’t Forget The Incentives

Make sure to include the link to the downloadable as promised.

However, keep in mind that people don’t like reading a bunch of information before you give them access to their “freebie”.

Get to the point and provide the link towards the top of the page and then again at the bottom in your P.S. (if applicable).

The incentive will help to encourage your subscribers to take other actions.

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Set Expectations

Your welcome email is your opportunity to tell your new subscribers what to expect. This includes what type of emails they will get and how often they will receive your emails approximately.

If you are sending a newbie series, try not to bombard them with too many emails at once and instead, give them a day or two before sending your next email.

Be Authentic

Just like in any other form of content, the key to building relationships through email is by being authentic. Let your personality shine. If you have a quirky sense of humor, show it! But be sure you remaining being professional.

Remember that when people are attracted to your blog and join your email list, it may be because they have seen something they like in your content and your style or tone. So always be yourself!

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Be Clear in Providing Directions

Tell your new subscribers clearly how to accomplish the things you want them to do.

For example, if you want to get to know them better, include directions on how you want them to take a survey. If you promised a free ebook, explain where to go and how to get it. If you want them to join your Facebook group, tell them where to go and how to join.

The bottom line is, to make your content easy to follow so your subscribers know what to do next.

Promote Your Social Media Networks

Do you have pages on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest? Use your welcome email as an opportunity to promote them! It will be a great way for them a more personal connection with you because compared to other mediums, social media seems more informal.

Just make sure to provide the social media links and explain the steps needed to like a page or join your group.

Make Contacting You Simple

Never use a ‘no-reply’ email address and do not hide your contact information (especially if you want them to reach out to you via mobile as well) in your emails.

Your subscribers should be able to hit reply and respond to you especially if they have any questions or suggestions.

When you are easy to contact, your subscribers will feel that they are important and that you really care about what they have to say.

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Final Thoughts

Having an engaging welcome email for new subscribers is very important for your blog or business.

So take your time to craft a welcome email that follows the above formula and start building your relationship and trust with your audience!

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