How To Get Paid Writing a Blog Starting Today

Want to learn how to get paid writing a blog? You’ve come to the right place!

In this article, I’ll talk about how to make money by blog writing so you can freely express your ideas, inspire others, and exercise your writing skills, all while earning money from it.

Sounds good? Let’s begin!

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how to get paid writing a blog

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Kicking Off Your Blog

Now that you know that you can make income from blogging, it’s time to create your own website!

Do note though, that in order to monetize your blog, you’ll have to invest a great amount of time and some money.

Yes, there are absolutely tons of free blogging tools that you can use and free platforms where you can start a blog but here’s a pro tip: Never settle for free blogging platforms unless you are only considering blogging as a hobby.

If you’re still unsure about what to do, you can check out this step-by-step guide where you’ll learn how to start a profitable blog from scratch!

How To Make Income From Blogging

Once you have already started your own blog, here are some popular ways you can apply to monetize it:

Affiliate Marketing

My favorite way to earn money online is Affiliate Marketing which, in a nutshell, is the process of incorporating the affiliate links of a relevant brand into the course of your content.

Each time an individual decides to purchase an item through your link, you can get paid a commission. Easy peasy, right?

Sponsored Content

Once you’ve gathered enough traffic to your site, you have the option to produce an entire blog post that talks about a product or service offered by a specific brand.

Compared to affiliate marketing, this gives you a chance to get a higher pay since the company is given utmost exposure through your content. 

Depending on your blog’s monthly traffic, the brand’s budget, and engagement, you can charge anywhere between $75 to $5,500 per post.

Aside from this, some products may be given to you for free, so overall, this could be a win-win situation for you and the brand.

Sell Digital Products

Can you make ebooks or courses about certain topics? Then this adds up to the answer on how to earn money online via blogging!

You can market your digital products through your blog and see who among the readers will be interested to access your exclusive content.

By doing this, you can establish your own brand. More than a blog writer, you can be regarded as a guru for a specific niche.

How To Get Paid Writing A Blog For Others

Since you’re blessed with writing expertise, what better way to maximize it than help those who are struggling to produce written content?

Known by most people as “ghostwriting”, this refers to writing content on someone’s behalf.

Both you and your clients can benefit from this deal. They can save themselves from the hassle of thinking and writing articles for their website while you get money for offering your services to them.

Final Thoughts

More than a way to spend your spare time, blog writing can get you paid like any other job.

So, are you ready to champion yourself and be a highly paid blogger soon?

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