Revealed: The Most Popular Blogging Platform

Ever wondered what the most popular blogging platform is for both beginner and seasoned bloggers? You’re on the right page!

Launching your blog writing career can be a bit of a challenge, and if you want to be a successful blogger, one of the key elements is choosing the best platform where you can establish your blog with ease.

Before I reveal what the most popular blogging platform is, let me first share with you what you should look for when choosing the best platform to start a blog.

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the most popular blogging platform

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An Ideal Blogging Platform

May it be for personal or professional use, blogging platforms are among the great tools that you can use if you want to amplify your presence in the online space. But what makes an ideal one?

User-Friendly Interface

For starters, a blogging platform that is less intimidating is a dependable one. Especially if you’re not blessed with coding skills, you would never want to use a platform that appears to be too complicated in the first place.

Lower Cost

If you are just starting your blogging career and with a limited budget, it will be much ideal to go for options that will cost you less money.

If you can find blogging platforms that you can use absolutely for free, then it’s much better.

Although you have to remember that the reality of blogging is you’ll have to spend some to earn some.

Available Templates

If you lack the creativity to think of ways how you can design your site, then you’ll be better off using blogging platforms that offer numerous built-in themes and templates.

With a little tweak in some elements, you can make a wonderful work of art that you can call your own. 

The Most Popular Blogging Platform Revealed!

Now, you can choose from a number of blogging platforms available online that meet this set of criteria. But out of them all, one stands out as the best platform to start a blog and that is…

WordPress — the talk of the town.

Perks of Using WordPress

Being the most popular blogging platform around, WordPress offers you a fair amount of benefits. Below are some of them:


WordPress allows you to use plug-ins to further develop your blog. These are mere applications that fulfill a specific function and often boost the call to action (CTA) feature of a website, which is a crucial key to keeping more readers engaged.

These plug-ins, which are mostly free of charge, come in various forms. With WordPress, you can add a gallery or contact form that improves the overall appeal of your blog, not to mention user experience.


With WordPress, you can also easily incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to make your blog more visible online. Aside from SEO plug-ins, you can also easily customize your site’s URL, optimize your images, and integrate your campaign with social media platforms.

As long as you do your research regarding the right keywords to use and other SEO basics, you can make your blog more attention-grabbing and visible online with the help of WordPress.

Drag and Drop Editor

Another remarkable feature of WordPress is its drag-and-drop editor.

Unlike other blogging platforms, it allows you to embed any design element to the current page that you are working on.

Name it: graphs, charts, videos, and feeds of social networking sites, WordPress can make it possible for you.

Simply drag whatever you want to include in your blog and drop it instantly to your desired space.

Final Thoughts on the Most Popular Blogging Platform

There you have it! With the help of WordPress, the most popular blogging platform to date, you can unleash your utmost potential as a blogger. No task is too big as long as you have this wondrous tool by your side.  

Do you recommend any other blogging platforms aside from WordPress? Share with us below!

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